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unique web programming and design

Acknow Web Design and Application Development Company provides its customers with the capacity to create existing and new web design and apps, hence increasing production, profitability, and brand stability. Acknow Software Solutions IT (Information Technology) software engineers follow a well-defined and competent programming method, encompassing a full life cycle for web design and web application development, to guarantee that the final IT solution is of the highest possible quality. We are driven by IT Professionals and Technology subject experts with extensive experience in providing efficient Custom Software Solutions, assuring your application generated is well responsive in any environment and meets all obstacles.

what we provide

Acknow was founded by a group of IT experts that specialise in web design and web application development. They offer high-quality web design and entire web development services. We take great pride in developing long-term connections with each of our clients. We combine strong contact and communication skills with creativity, amazing site design, appealing colour palettes, competent IT service personnel, and technical know-how.

  • cost-effective web design & development.
  • responsive (mobile compatibility) site design done correctly.
  • Upkeep of websites with AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).
  • Development and integration of database-driven web applications.
  • redesigning a website using responsive design (Mobile Compatibility).
  • Web design using a content management system (CMS).
  • Multi-task custom web application development
  • Integration of gate way payment processing with e-commerce.

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sreejith s

Founder & Technical Operator

siva m

Founder & Chief Technical Operator

Vishnu c

Founder & Cheif Design Officer

core features

team work

Team Work

By using the capabilities of team members, Acknow teamwork enables your company to deal with complicated tasks and generate speedy results. The project management software team met with team members working on a customer's project. Most team-based applications are driven by cutting-edge website design, web application development, and mobile app development (iOS and Android apps).

Based On Research

Based On Research

The company's role is to provide an appropriate solution for their project based on the study. We are working in accordance with research-based ideas on client expectations and the current technologies. We have the necessary expertise to optimise the clients' websites for search engines. Our research team is investigating all of the newest technology available online. Because of this, we have completed our projects effectively using cutting-edge research.

More Versatile

More Versatile

In general, customers are either aware of web design, web application, and mobile app or are not. It makes no difference to our organisation since we believe that all clients are equal. We take into account the customer's financial circumstances as well as their expectations for the project's completion. So, we completed a project involving wireframe design technologies. As a result, the consumer suffers no consequences. Acknow is more adaptable to the needs of its clients in order to complete their tasks.


Customers throughout the world typically experience poor after-sales support, but Acknow is aware of their needs. They represent the growth and development of our business. Therefore, we will usually keep an infinite relationship with both temporary and long-term consumers. Any technical inquiries will always receive our highest consideration. We will mail you the specific technological information you want. Our success is a result of our strong customer relationships.

Acknow Software Solutions is an IT solution provider that works with businesses of all sizes and in every region of the world to meet their demands. We have the resources necessary to meet their demands. We are creating the apps for the industry sectors listed below.

  • AutoMobile
  • Ayurveda
  • Education
  • Consumer Goods
  • Mobile Apps
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • Tavels
  • Medicine
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Entertainment